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What is Fingerhop?

Fingerhop is the sole and exclusive distributor for all the products which you see in this website in Australia and New Zealand! You cannot buy it anywhere else but through us in the Pacific. Fingerhop是一家儿童玩具分销商。所有在这里看到的品牌和产品,我们都是它们在澳纽地区的独家代理 - 您不会在太平洋地区其他店铺买到这些产品。

Are the products safe and tested? 这里发售的产品有通过安全测试吗?能否安心使用?

Of course! All products we sell are tested to Australia and New Zealand's (AS/NZS) stringent standards! We ensure they are compliant before they are sold in the market so that you can buy with confidence! 当然!所有Fingerhop发售的产品皆通过测试,确保符合澳纽(AS/NZS) 当局严格标准。

Are our products genuine one? Fingerhop售卖的都是正货吗?

Absolutely! All our products are imported from the manufacturer directly and it is backed with 1-year manufacturer's warranty upon the presentation of a valid tax invoice or proof of purchase. 我们出售的绝对是正货!所有Fingerhop发售的产品都直接从厂商入口,而厂商更为各位客户提供一年售后保养,只要出示有效的税务发票或购买证明,便可享用保养服务。

What’s our return policy? 你们的货品退换政策为何?

We understand that there might be a chance whereby you change your mind after purchase. In this instance, we are happy to exchange or offer a store credit for your future purchases. You can return or exchange an item within a reasonable time of purchasing your goods (courier fee applies). A reasonable time in most cases is 30 days. Any situation that falls outside of the return policy will be handled on a case by case basis as it may require a visual inspection of the item. Rest assured, top-notch guest experience is our main priority as we are here to please! Kindly also note, according to the Fair Trading law, no refunds will be given if you have simply changed your mind. 我们知道,您或许在购买货品后改变主意。一般情况下,我们非常乐意为您更换货品或提供本店的消费额度,供日后于本店消费时使用。您可以在购买商品后的合理时间内进行退换(运费需自行承担)。一般而言,合理时间以30天为标准。
若出现超出退货政策的情况(例如超过三十天后要求退换),将根据具体情况进行处理,因为我们可能需要对物品进行检查。 请放心,您们的消费体验是我们的首要考量!请注意,根据有关公平买卖的法例,如果您只是改变主意,我们将尽力为您更换合适货品,但无法进行退款。

Does Fingerhop ship overseas? 您们能把货品运送至海外吗?

Unfortunately, we only ship to Australia-wide, New Zealand and Pacific countries at the moment. 抱歉,Fingerhop目前的服务范围仅限澳洲,纽西兰及部份太平洋国家。

Do you do express delivery? 货品可以透过快递运送吗?

We know you cannot wait to get your hands on the products. We will do our utmost to use the most efficient way to deliver the products to your hand. However, for express delivery this may incur an extra fee on top. 我们了解您急不及待地希望收到货品。我们尽量使用最有效的方式将产品运送给您。不过,如果使用快递运送货品,则需缴交额外运费。

Does your product include delivery fee? 商品价格包括运费吗?

All rates quoted are exclusive of delivery fee. However, we will find the most economical way to have the products delivered to you. Talk to us when you have made your purchase. 所有标价均不包括运费。不过,我们致力寻求最经济的运送货品方法。欢迎于下单后与我们联络。

Can I order and pick up the products myself? 可以在下单后自行提货吗?

Wouldn't it be nice if things would just go according to how we want it to be done? Unfortunately, we do not offer this service at the moment. But you never know, it may be happening soon. So stay tuned! 现阶段Fingerhop暂时未能提供自行到店取货服务。不过,我们一直积极研究各种服务模式,或许在不久的将来,我们就能提供顾客自行取货这个运送选项!欢迎订阅Fingerhop电子报,紧贴最新情报!

What if there is a part missing in the package? 若货品送到后,发现包装内有部件遗失,该如何处理?

All our products either come fully assembled or require minimal assembling. So there are not many loose parts in the package. However, nothing is guaranteed! Just in case there's a part missing, please get in contact with us and we will ensure you get the missing part in no time. 我们所有产品皆经过完全组装,或只需少量自行组装,因此包装内并没有太多零碎部件。不过,我们始终难以百份百保证不会出现遗漏部件情况,若真的出现上述状况,请透过电邮 与我们联络,我们保证第一时间为您安排补回所需零件。

Where are our stores located? Fingerhop的店铺位置在哪里?

Currently products can only be purchased online. Again, if we we have physical shop in the future, you will be amongst the first one to know so that you can come in to have a close encounter with our ever popular products! 目前Fingerhop的产品只能于网上店购买。不过,正如上文所提及的,我们致力为客户提供更佳服务。若将来开设实体店,将会第一时间通知您们,让您们亲身接触我们的热卖货品!请订阅Fingerhop电子报,紧贴Fingerhop最新动向!

Saw the same product at a much cheaper price elsewhere? 我在其他销售点看到同款货品,售价比Fingerhop为低?

Don't forget everything we sell is 100% guaranteed to be genuine. It has come to our attention that there are some counterfeit products out there. At the time of purchase, don't just go for the cheapest as it is also wise to check the authenticity of the product.Just a friendly reminder, only products bought from us in Australia are entitled to the manufacturer's warranty. Fingerhop保证所售卖货品为100%正货,而我们亦注意到市面上出现一些仿冒Fingerhop代理的货品。因此,选购产品时,务必检查所选货品是否正货,以免浪费金钱在品质不良的仿冒品上。