Asahi is a Japanese company listed on the Stock Exchange for the first time in the world as a store specializing in bicycle retail.

As of May, 2017, they own 450 domestic stores as a large-scale bicycle chain store ‘Cycle Base Asahi’, and 5 stores in China by Chinese subsidiary, `Asahi (Beijing) Bicycle Trading Co., Ltd.’.

They have built so-called "specialty store retailer" in the bicycle industry to manage the whole system; product planning to production, distribution and sales. This is the base of their constant growth.


Asahi is a famous Japanese brand bike focusing on "durable, user-friendly design, fashion style" for customer's happy life. In France 'Briller' means shines and 'enfant' means children's. The desire to shine, including children under dazzling sunny skies, the ride has been named. Briller enfant meticulously put attentions to every detail from the angle of the tube until the end of frame.

Asahi Briller Bike 16''

Product Detail

  • For 4 years old or above

  • Lightweight (13.4kg) and rust in strong aluminium frame

  • Original thick slick tyres in size 16 inch

  • Original two-tone saddle and grips

  • Rims with matching body colour

  • Adjustable brake levers

  • Easy to carry

  • Stylish and vintage design frame shape

  • Ground clearance saddles, 45cm

  • Available in Red and Blue colour