IIMO is a renowned Japanese company which specialises in the production of children products. Their innovative and uniquely designed products are extremely popular throughout the world and they are the true pioneer in the industry!

IIMO 's products includes tricycles, balance bikes (Kick bikes), baby bouncer, high chairs and the list goes on....

At IIMO they are committed to excellence. All products are created with safety as the first priority followed by practicality. The ergonomically and smooth design of the products have won IIMO many prestigious awards.

All IIMO products are made out of high quality materials and they are built to last for years! This is something IIMO will not compromise in.

London Taxi Kick bike

This brand 'London Taxi' is from the same family as the iconic London Taxi cabs in United Kingdom. When we talk about cab or taxi services around the world and someone asks “what is the oldest?” the answer is London Taxis. London Taxis (London Cabs) aren’t just the oldest licensed cab service in the world, they are the oldest licensed transport system in the world.

The consumers can now own a piece of history in a much smaller version. London Taxi now available in Kick bikes, children, adult bicycles and helmets. The vintage look of these bikes are very well liked by the general public.

Asahi Cycle Base

Asahi is a Japanese company listed on the Stock Exchange for the first time in the world as a store specializing in bicycle retail. As of May, 2017, they own 450 domestic stores as a large-scale bicycle chain store ‘Cycle Base Asahi’, and 5 stores in China by Chinese subsidiary, `Asahi (Beijing) Bicycle Trading Co., Ltd.’.
They have built so-called "specialty store retailer" in the bicycle industry to manage the whole system; product planning to production, distribution and sales. This is the base of their constant growth.

Asahi is a famous Japanese brand bike focusing on "durable, user-friendly design, fashion style" for customer's happy life. In France 'Briller' means shines and 'enfant' means children's. The desire to shine, including children under dazzling sunny skies, the ride has been named. Briller enfant meticulously put attentions to every details from the angle of the tube until the end of frame.

People Toys Company

From a single product to growing and evolving numerous product lines, They’ve come a long way in making the best infant and children’s toys.  People Co., ltd. was formed in 1977.  Since then, we have created products ranging from rattles and dolls all the way to blocks and bicycles. Loved by children and praised by parents and educators, People continues to develop market leading children’s toys.

Focused primarily on the Japanese market, People has brought the world their products internationally through different corporate and brand partnerships.   One of their most famous global products being Pythagoras®, or as many have come to have known it as Magna-Tiles®

As the years have gone by, our core mission hasn’t changed – To encourage the natural development of children. And in our story, it is the toy industry.  With our diligent research and development, we continually improve our products and production methods for the better.  Thus the motto of “to make “High-Quality Play” accessible to all children around the world.” has been added to our vision statement. We are People Toy Company – Because You Matter

While the name FINGERHOP is still probably a new name in the marketplace, however the products which we import into Australia and New Zealand are definitely of no stranger to our customers.  The highly sought after prestigious brands which we currently carry includes: iimo, London Taxi, Asahi and People Toy Company’s educational products.

Fingerhop is relentlessly on the lookout to source innovative and popular products internationally to satisfy the ongoing demands from our customers back home. We have signed strategic partnership agreements with all of our manufacturers to carry and distribute their products on their behalf. The exclusive agreement which we have been awarded gives us the sole distribution rights to sell their products in this part of the continent.

As there is no middle man involved during the procurement process, you can be assured that you are getting the best deal from Fingerhop when you shop with us. We do all the hardwork for you and you simply just reap the rewards we have prepared for you.

We will live up to what our slogan says: ‘The World’s Local Shop’. Everyone can now shop internationally without having to leave your door step!